Generational change at ETRA: we go into 3D with a new Laser Tube Cutter


We have never like restrictions! 

For this reason we have pensioned off our laser tube cutter to replace it with its latest generation heir, which provides a wider range of processes and endless advantages.

No longer just 2D!  Our new LT7 can cut round, square and rectangular tubes, even irregular ones with special sections and open profiles, and it can also create polygonal profiles with an innovative 3D head.  This means no limits to customising finished products.

All this with an eye on efficiency, as always. 
We have moved up another gear with our new Laser Tube Cutter, eliminating machine down times and increasing automation.  LT7 automatically runs the configuration of several mass productions – including materials loading and unloading – and adapts to new sections to be cut without interrupting the production cycle. 
Easy workflow management and the possibility of processing smaller batches according to needs ensures great flexibility.

Maximum efficiency, minimum effort, happy customers. We too!