ETRA ready for ‘take-off’: the Compact Tower is here


For those like us who are constantly seeking innovative methods and instruments to make us even more effective and reduce wasted resources and energy to a minimum, the key word is always the same: efficiency!

In the light of this, we have acquired a new accessory: a compact tower (CT-L).  This, in association with our laser cutter, provides complete functionalities for loading, unloading and storing materials to be processed and finished pieces.  It also comes with automatic sheet thickness control and automatic separators that ensure efficient loading and distribution of the material during processing. 

This new aid automatically stacks the metal sheets at the raw material feeding stage and when collecting the finished pieces.  It will help us optimise times and production by increasing the loading and storage capacity of our laser sheet metal cutter, automating production and reducing machine and operator down times to a minimum. 

Here at ETRA we have always been on the ball, now even more so!