Aluminium – Productivity is growing


The family is extending! A new machining centre has arrived. One more.

ETRA has recently acquired a new five-axis CNC machining centre with mobile portal, tooled to perform the following jobs:

• aluminium cutting,
• aluminium milling,
• aluminium drilling,
• aluminium threading,

in a 10 metre field of action.

The strong points are extremely reduced tool setup times and the possibility to perform different machining operations simultaneously in the two machine work zones, ensuring precision and speed.

Actually, speed is the keyword in this investment, the purpose of which is to increase production capacity and consequently reduce delivery times without compromising on our high quality standards.

The new machining centre is linked to the entire production system, so that all processes are automatically controlled and integrated.

This is part of ETRA’s extension policy, combining the Industry 4.0 philosophy and unflagging development and optimisation of the in-house production chain.